Our Story

We built Raging Dry Aged Beef with the purpose of sharing. We’ve always loved cooking, and cooking meant creating something warm and authentic that you would want to share with people closest to your heart. 

After that one visit from a well-known steak house abroad, it got us thinking. What would be the best way to turn our passion for cooking for others and love for food (primarily mouth-watering, tender, and flavorful steak) into one? Thus, Raging Dry Aged Beef has been born into existence with one vision in mind: to serve premium meat to every Filipino household nationwide and be accessible enough to be the Philippines’ go-to premium meat supplier. To achieve this vision, we plan to serve restaurant-quality products in the comfort of your homes that you can enjoy with your family and friends. 

Every package we deliver to your doorstep is made with passion and love for what we do, ensuring that from ingredient #1 to the steak itself, your satisfaction will always be guaranteed.

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Our Products

45 Days Dry Aged Steaks

These steaks are more tender and have an intense flavor. It took a long and meticulous process in order to achieve this. The steaks developed the special aged/nutty flavor profile and enhanced its tenderness.

45 Days Butter Aged Steaks

Our butter aged steaks have been aged for 45 days which is longer than what you usually see in the market. It blends the creamy taste from the butter with the beef flavor - match made in heaven! We combined both dry aged and butter aging processes which makes the flavor complex and absolutely to die for.

45 Days Whiskey Infused Dry Aged Steaks

These steaks incorporate the oaky flavor from the whisky which melds and compliments the intense beef flavor. We use only premium whiskey with our process.

60 Days Dry Aged Steaks

For people who are looking for that prominent aged flavor on their steaks. We have tried to go even longer but we find that the 60 days works best, and balances extraordinary taste and tenderness.

45 Days Dry Aged Burgers

We only use top quality high grade Australian Wagyu or Certified Angus from the USA. Our burger patties are from 5 different premium cuts that we have aged for 45 days to achieve the best flavor and texture. Blend is 80/20 meat to fat ratio which makes it exceptionally flavorful.

Why They Love Our Products

Hear From Our Customers

Perfect experience – from the quick and easy order transaction, to smooth and on time delivery, to of course the best steak experience at home. Highly recommended for the steak lovers out there. You do not have to be a chef to prepare this masterpiece. Thank you and will definitely order again!

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A good steak to me is a universal language.
 This steak, I can attest can be, and is worthy to be along-side any well prepared, and bien cuit of meat I’ve had in France, and dare I say, worthy to be on the same table with premium Wagyu I’ve had in Japan.
The taste is absolutely délicieux; 
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