Dry aging is a lengthy and delicate process that is done in a tightly controlled condition in order to draw out moisture and allow the beef’s natural enzymes to break down. It “ripens” the beef in order to transform from “rough ’n tough” to “soft ‘n tender”. In addition, it also develops a more concentrated and complex flavor.


In eating steaks, we look for meat that is tender, flavorful with a generous amount of marbling. For us to achieve that, we do need to age the beef. In dry aging, the beef natural enzymes are allowed to break down the connective tissues which results in a much tender piece of meat. It also loses moisture which makes the flavor “beefier” and it develops a more complex and intense flavor. 

Difference from Competitors?

Raging Dry Aged Beef only uses premium quality meat from the USA, Canada, Australia, and Japan. We meticulously choose the slabs that we age. We look for slabs that have excellent marbling.Our dry-age equipment is all imported from Europe which is precisely calibrated to ensure food safety and produce fantastic results.

Duration & Variations?

Raging Dry Aged Beef ages their steaks from 42 days to 60 days. Flavor notes become more prominent and intensify as it ages for a longer time. With our experience, our sweet spot is 45 days. We also offer different variations for our dry-aged steaks. At times, we also offer “special batches” meaning these are not done regularly. We often do butter-aged and whiskey-aged steaks.

For butter aged, basically, we encapsulate the whole primal cut with premium quality butter and age it. This results in a smooth and subtle flavor. For whiskey aged, this produces bolder oaky with a hint of the sweetness flavor profile.

Cooking Service?

We do provide special options for our customers for them to have a delightful experience such as sous vide cooking. Sous Vide is a French word for “under vacuum”. It is a process of vacuum-sealing the food inside a bag and cooking it at a precise temperature. This ensures that the meat is cooked exactly to your liking of “doneness”.