45 Days Dry Aged Angus/Wagyu Burgers

    The dry-aged Angus/Wagyu burgers are comprised of 5 different premium cuts which we have aged 45 days. These cuts give various flavor qualities which when combined together make a perfect flavor and texture for the burgers.

    • Blend: 5 different premium cuts are incorporated to achieve the best flavor and texture with an 80/20 ratio.
    • 4 Patties – Half Pound Each


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    Each set includes 4 half-pound frozen burger patties, bamboo skewer, beef tallow, and cooking guide (optional 4pcs brioche buns). Everything you need to have a mouth-watering 5-star burger at home.

    * Halal Certified

    Suggested Toppings:

    • Lettuce
    • Tomato
    • Hard or Soft Cheese
    • Fresh or Caramelized Onions
    • Mushrooms

    Additional information

    Type of Burger

    Dry Aged Angus Burger Set + Free Cheese & Buns, Dry Aged Wagyu Burger Set + Free Cheese & Buns

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